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Urban Wasp Management

Dawn Hendrikse

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Elite Pest Control Limited

Last wasp season we treated 1500 wasp nests covering the entire Canterbury Area.  We made a total of 125 house and work site visits to assess for wasp activity, installed wasp traps, saved 35 bumble bee nests, and helped rescue 15 honey bee swarms.

For two decades we have been managing Urban Wasps and developing our systems to;

-reduce unnecessary call outs

-expand our knowledge and understanding of Urban Wasp Management

-refine our service to keep clients happy and returning

-make genuine connections with our urban community

-reduce pesticide use in our urban environment

We put together a simple set of questions, processes and products, decided on a reasonable charge and then we guaranteed the results.

Our wasp service is made up of two parts, 1.the assessment and 2.the treatment, we charge for both – we don’t do free assessments.

The Questions: listen carefully, try not to interrupt, don’t be in a hurry – build a genuine connection

No alt text provided for this image Where are you seeing the activity?

This is a great opening question – of the 100 wasp jobs we successfully treated in January, 22 were located in the roof area ie; soffits, under the guttering, on top of bay windows and under corrugated roof iron. 13 were located in subfloor vents and 8 were in the ground under agapanthus.

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Are wasps consistently coming and going from one spot?

This is a very important question -If activity is not consistently coming and going from one spot then it isn’t a nest. Underground nests are harder to find because people don’t want to get too close, they’re often obscured by thick foliage, or not active enough.

We look for an entrance the size of a fifty cent coin or bigger and we are careful not to disturb the foliage around the entrance to the nest.

Has anyone been stung or tried to treat the nest?

A disturbed nest is a major hazard and it’s important we know the nests’ condition so we can prepare the Pest Manager. This is also a great time to find out if anyone has covered the entrance to the nest with soil, a box, or petrol soaked rags before calling our office. The Pest Manager is well prepared and has a protective suit in the van if needed.

What do they look like?

Most customers know what a wasp looks like but if someone says the wasps look large, black and fluffy then we are not dealing with a wasp nest. If they say the wasps are swarming, these are not wasps either. If customers are not sure and don’t want to get too close, we assume we are dealing with wasps but recommend an assessment.

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Do you have any Pets?

We recommend pets stay inside until the nest is no longer active. The same goes for children – and wear shoes or sandals around the nest site. Setting the right expectation before the booking is confirmed and making sure the customer understands their obligations is an important part of our service. We guarantee results within 24 hours and if activity is still present we will make a follow up visit for no extra cost.

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We give certainty about the wasp control service we provide and what they’re paying for. Customers need to know what to expect after a treatment and how they can follow up with us if the treatment doesn’t work the first time.

We aren’t shy about the service or the charges – and we charge well for the service.

We don’t do free assessments. If the customer insists we visit . . . we will do a thorough assessment/survey on the property and if there is no nest, we charge an assessment/call out fee.

If we arrive and the wasp nest is obvious, we charge the minimum treatment fee. Service charges are clarified before the booking is confirmed and followed up with an email notification.

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Introduced wasps are a significant pest which harm our native birds, lizards and insects. They are a threat to human health, tourism and recreation. We need to encourage our customers, friends and family to install wasp traps and monitor for nests in their local community. We can help create a network of ‘Wasp Eradication Warriors’ that are excited about contributing to the ecology and biodiversity of our Urban Environment. Let’s grow our Backyards into mini Urban National Parks one wasp nest eradication at a time.

If you enjoyed reading this article thanks goes to the team at Elite Pest Control Ltd for providing advice, experience, data and photos – our main Suppliers; Garrards, Ensystex and Key Industries who have supported our two decade long education in the Pest Management Industry and PMANZ who provided the foundation for us to be a success in the Industry