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General Tips Before an Interior Treatment

  • Open all curtains and close windows.
  • Put pets outside and secure.
  • Cover fish bowls and tanks with a waterproof cover. This is very important as our treatment is VERY toxic to fish.
  • Cover or put all children’s toys away.
  • Cover baby’s crib or cot.
  • Cover or put all exposed food away.
  • All eating and food preparation surfaces should be covered and/or wiped with a wet soapy cloth after treatment.
  • Stay out of the house for 3 hours or if sensitive to odors and chemicals 4 hours.  In cases where there is a severe asthmatic living in the house, Please Ensure They Are Away For At Least 24 Hours.
  • Open windows to air house thoroughly when you return after three or four hours.
  • Windows will need to be cleaned after a Fly and Spider treatment.  Use a squeegee not a hose and brush as this will remove your protection.
  • Clear floor space & generally de-clutter. (we treat baseboards, corners, cracks, and crevices)


  • Clean the home prior to our visit, and maintain the home as neatly as possible for long-term results. This helps to eliminate competing food sources for the insects.
  • Additionally, when the home is clean, the cockroaches will be more easily attracted to the bait and not to food sources.
  • Cover and store any open food. Remove foods, small appliances, and other small items from countertops.
  • Store and/or cover baby toys, supplies and cot mattress.
  • Mop/scrub kitchen and other hard floors and woodwork with detergent.
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpeted floors.
  • Vacuum up any visible Cockroach and eggs just before the service visit, using the crevice attachment to get into cracks.
  • After vacuuming, take the vacuum cleaner outside, remove the vacuum bag, seal it, and discard in trash. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the entire vacuum cleaner.
  • Continue to vacuum or otherwise kill any roaches that are seen.
  • Always keep garbage in closed containers and take out the garbage every night.
  • Remove items from the top of the refrigerator, stove, and any other such movable appliances.
  • Prior to service, move these appliances away from the wall, and clean behind and beneath them.
  • If the stove has a removable bottom drawer that opens to the floor, it is not necessary to move the entire stove.
  • Be sure that the pest control operator has free and full access to anywhere that cockroaches have been seen.
  • Discard all excess paper products, and any other unused piles or trash, as these are harborage areas for roaches and other pests.
  • You should repair any water leaks immediately upon detection.
  • If anyone in the home has special allergy problems, is pregnant, or is under the age of one, we should be informed prior to service so we can take precautions.
  • All people and pets should stay out of the area being serviced for a minimun of 3 hours.
  • After service, keep sanitation to as high a level as possible to allow all products to work as swiftly as possible.
  • Do not touch cockroach gel or allow children or pets to get near.

Flea Treatment

  • A three-hour time frame must be given for the treatment to settle and dry. After that it is completely safe for you to re-enter the property.
  • We recommend that you leave your vacuum out for us to treat as well.
  • Please clear as much of the floor area as possible, especially the carpet, as that is where the larvae usually live.
  • Please cover and fish tanks and make sure your pets are outside.
  • Take all children’s toys, shoes, clothing and books of the floor.
  • You may like to put a flea collar inside the vacuum for extra protection. A vacuum is a perfect breeding area for fleas and if missed the problem can reoccur.
  • After treatment please do not vacuum your premises for five to ten days.
  • You should allow pets to roam the premises freely AS LONG AS THEY HAVE BEEN TREATED. Fleas are more inclined to jump on to an animal host like a cat or dog rather than humans.
  • Every effort is made to ensure only ONE treatment is necessary. In some cases an infestation is so bad several visits are required.