Non-toxic Pest Control


Heat Treatments.

The system heats a room to about 53.3 to  55°C.

At this temperature insects cannot survive.

The hot air is continuously  circulated, making sure it penetrates  heat into every part of the room, even in the cracks and crevices.

This is the best system for major infestations.

Does it Work? 

Here is a link to a ‘New Scientist’ article

Bed Bugs.

Eliminate bed bugs. This non-toxic approach penetrates mattresses and hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs.

By applying heat evenly throughout a room, we are able to kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding.

Heat will kill all of the growth stages of the bed bug including the eggs.


Wood Borer.

Studies by Houseman show that all stages of Wood Borer can be controlled using heat.

Because of the time it takes, equipment used and the need to hire a large capacity generator, Heat Treatments are expensive.


Diatomaceous Earth

Is used to kill insects and does not involve any toxins.

This earth is made from the skeletons of diatoms and is very sharp and cuts the skin of the insect causing them to dehydrate.

‘Diatomaceous earth has something of a miracle-cure reputation and it certainly is effective against many pests.

It’s not a poison, but kills by scoring an insect’s hide as it crawls over the powder. Under the microscope, that powder looks like a pile of broken glass‘.

Non Toxic Rat and Mouse Control



Rat and Stoat Trap

Good Nature Non Toxic Pest Traps

The A24 is a multi species kill trap, targeting rats and stoats, with a highly sensitive leaf trigger. As incredibly compact as the A24 is, it still manages to deliver an impact more powerful than any other device on the market. Although designed in the harshest of New Zealand environments, the A24 is just as happy in the backyard or the attic as it is on rugged terrain. It is robust, small and powerful with 24 resets in every CO2.

Oppossum TrapControlling possums can be an ugly business, cruel and in humane. And it’s not much fun for the possum either.

The A12 is the most humane way to control possums; it’s automated possum control for everyone, even if you’re terminally squeamish. It’s safe for birds and pets, but kills possums cleanly and instantly, resetting itself straight away. Because we don’t use any nasty toxins, you can sleep easy knowing there’s nothing bad left in the environment.



Glue Boards are banned for rodent control  in New Zealand

Following increasing concern regarding the humaneness of glue board traps, the New Zealand Government passed legislation that will see the use of glue boards to catch rodents completely prohibited from 1 January 2015.

This presents a conundrum for New Zealand commercial pest operators, who have traditionally used glueboards as an effective and low-cost alternative to anticoagulant rodenticides. Rodenticides, although very effective, are lethal and pose a deadly risk to non-target species such as dogs, birds and other small mammals.

Non Toxic Nara Lure
Non Toxic Nara Lure



Nara Lure (non toxic)

Allergen-management has become a major topic in many food product companies. NARA is the first allergen free attractant, which is especially designed for this specific purpose.

Non Toxic Nara Lure
Non Toxic Nara Lure

Law as well as many food standards now prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Only after the determination of rodent activity anticoagulants may be used subject to stringent restrictions. Common monitoring baits have the critical disadvantage that they serve as food for rodents, which increases their lifetime and the risk of a rising reproduction of rodents. Moreover, most common baits are prone to mould formation in damp areas. In other areas they are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, bristletails and moths.


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