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Borer Treatment Christchurch

Woodworm, borer beetle, anobium punctatum, termites… Whatever name you know them by, if you have them, you need borer treatment now. Elite Pest Control provides the best termite treatment available in Christchurch and throughout Canterbury

(Anobium punctatumBorer is also known as woodworm.

Borer attack non treated timbers, devaluing your home and furniture. They chew through untreated timber. It eventually becomes weaker, not to mention the ugly exit holes they leave. More information click here.


Borer are very difficult to control.

For effective termite protection, contact us today. As part of our service, a pest control professional will conduct an inspection of your property to assess the extent of the termite infestation. For comprehensive termite protection, we usually recommend an annual borer treatment of all sealed wood surfaces inside and outside your house.
 This gives a measure of control but you would still see exit holes.
 These holes would reduce in number as the years pass.
 You should also consider getting the sub-floor treated as this area generates a lot of borer beetles.
 Insulation of any type will need to be removed before treatment.
 You will still need the annual sprays as  maintenance  because Borer beetles fly in from neighboring properties.



  •  Check that under floor areas are well ventilated, keep any foundation ventilation holes clear of weed growth and rubbish.
  •  Repair leaking taps and rain water systems. Too much moisture can encourage insect attack.
  •  From the habit of regularly inspecting exterior and interior woodwork. You should look for discharge of Frass from flight holes.



Borer Treatment Proceedures

Depending on conditions the house borer spends between two to ten years of its life in the larval stage. This is the stage when damage is done but this will  not  always be  visible. Female beetles will remain in the exit hole to lay eggs then return to the wood surface only to mate again. Therefore the severity of the infestation can often be underestimated or overlooked. A residual solution is sprayed throughout all sub-floor areas covering joist plates and under flooring timbers as well as the roof void area.



Subfloor Treatment


Borer Treatment Options

Non Toxic

We can use a  Boron Treatment,  ‘Pestbor’ or ‘Timbor’ is a mineral borate salt and acts as a…



It is odourless, has no skin irritability or respiratory problems and it is a flame retardant.

It will also kill rot, and may prevent rot as well.

Boron is a naturally occurring element in soil.

This method of treatment is used on exposed framing timber only i.e. substructures, crawl spaces, Ceiling cavities etc.

A borer certificate is provided at completion of the treatment if needed for CCC.

This treatment must be applied twice.


We also use a Permetherin based treatment.

This is applied in the same way and gives a residual of 5 years. Permtherin is applied once.



Saturation Spray to control Bore

Non Toxic Heat Treatment for Furniture

Furniture can be heat treated to control wood boring insects.

Interior walls in homes cam also be successfully treated.


 Heat Treatments are very effective and free of toxins.

 What  Heat can do:

      • Kills bugs and other insects in one treatment
      • Can be 100 % effective, no development of resistance
      • Eliminates all life stages including eggs and larvae
      • No pesticides in sensitive areas, no residue build up, odours or fumes
      • Intense heat penetrates into small cracks and crevices
      • Steady but gentle heating up and cooling down periods



As well as effective borer treatment, we offer a full range of pest control services, including spider proofing, wasp pest control, fly removal, rabbit removal and the best mice removal methods and rat control in Christchurch and throughout the Canterbury region.


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